P&C Community Upgrades to V2 Platform

Keene, NH – (09-02-2014) – Market Luminary, a leading provider of B2B business collaboration community software, announced today that the Property & Casualty Insurance Community (www.pc.marketluminary.com) has upgraded to the new V2 community platform. 

The upgraded platform will provide the P&C Insurance community with an entirely new and refreshed user experience, and gives members of the community a variety of new tools and features. In addition to all of the functionality available in the version 1.x platform, the upgraded platform includes simplified account management tools, easy access to social collaboration and networking features, enhanced mobile features, and improved notification tools. For vendors the new platform includes improved SEO tools, upgraded vendor profile management tools, and access to digital FlipBooks - a supercharged media experience for your PDF collateral, newsletter, or magazine.

“The P&C Community was the first community launched on our original platform back in 2012, so this upgrade to our new platform marks an important achievement for our team,” said Jeff Brown, CEO and Founder of Market Luminary. “We have been launching new communities on the V2 platform for many months now, but this upgrade is the final in a series of upgrades that retires our V1 platform, and allows us to put our full attention on continued enhancement of the current toolsets. But most importantly it allows us to extend all of our great new features to our loyal P&C Community members, who have been with us since our launch two years ago. This is the first of many new and exciting announcements about this particular community, and we can’t wait to share the other announcements this fall.”  

The P&C Community was the last of Market Luminary’s communities to adopt the new platform. Most recently in August 2014, Envision Planet (a unique student mentoring community at www.envisionplanet.com) completed the upgrade process successfully as well. All other Market Luminary customers are now using the V2 platform as well.

About the P&C Insurance Community

The P&C Insurance Community is a free resource for Property & Casualty Insurance professionals, and the vendors who serve the P&C market. Unlike social sites that mix personal and business information, this business collaboration community is ALL business. Network with peers in the industry, catch up on P&C news, research trends, read reviews about P&C technology and service providers, and much more. Sign up for free, and start collaborating today. Learn more at www.pc.marketluminary.com

About Market Luminary, LLC

Market Luminary provides an innovative cloud-based platform for business collaboration communities. Every business, big or small, is impacted by "social factors" that influence customers, employees, prospects and competition. Some businesses are savvy enough to recognize those social influences, and a select few proactively manage and leverage them. We give you a variety of opportunities to actively, purposefully, and effectively manage your business success by managing your social-business influencers. Join an existing business community and promote your business; launch a business community for your customers, employees, or members; or build a new business on our platform. There is no software to buy, and nothing to install. Just embrace our platform and turn your business into a social-business experience. At Market Luminary we relentlessly pursue opportunities to improve your business community experience. upgradeLearn more at www.marketluminary.com