Stellar Data Security Partners with Market Luminary

Keene, NH – (August, 2016) – Market Luminary, a leading provider of B2B business community software and strategic consulting services, announced today that they have partnered with Stellar Data Security, an innovative IT security assessment provider. 

Stellar Data Security had previously been responsible for the underlying security health and monitoring for Market Luminary, and is now offering mission critical assessment services for Market Luminary’s family of customers.


To learn more about both companies, schedule a meeting with Market Luminary CEO Jeff Brown via email at

About Stellar Data Security

Stellar Data Security is a collective of highly technical engineers and cyber security professionals with decades of industry experience. Stellar will work closely with your organization to deliver unbiased expertise.  We are committed to assisting business of all sizes to take control of their technology platforms and guide them through ongoing improvement in all operations while reducing overall costs.
Stellar Data Security enables clients of all sizes to identify and manage information security risk. Our services include security assessments, penetration testing, security program development and assistance with regulatory compliance. We deliver actionable, accurate assessments that produce tangible security improvements. Further, Stellar partners with clients as necessary throughout the entire security lifecycle to ensure proper prioritization, mitigation and remediation of findings. Stellar will employ or recommend technologies, procedures and techniques most appropriate given risk tolerance, organization type, budget, and staffing.

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About Market Luminary, LLC

Market Luminary helps drive growth for businesses of all shapes and sizes through our strategic consulting services and our innovative cloud-based platform for business communities. Every business, big or small, is impacted by a complicated set of factors that influence customers, employees, prospects and competition. Some businesses are savvy enough to recognize those influences, and a select few proactively manage and leverage them. At Market Luminary we give you a variety of options to actively, purposefully, and effectively manage your business success by managing your social-business influencers. From growth strategy, to product positioning, to social-business strategy and much more, visit to learn more.