Envision Planet Live on ML Platform

Market Luminary, a leading provider of B2B business community software, announced that Envision Planet has launched their innovative student mentoring community on the vendor’s cloud-based community platform. 

Envision Planet sought a cloud-based online community solution that would provide a “social media like” experience in a private environment, connecting students with mentors and mentoring groups, providing for a unique community to help youth realize a future full of opportunity.

 “With Market Luminary we can have the best parts of FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, You Tube and Angie’s list, with an interface that is very familiar to students,” said George Johnson, Founder of Envision Planet. “Jeff and his team have been very supportive in making our dream a reality.”

“Like so many innovative business’s today, Envision Planet is responding to the mandate to provide an interactive, secure and private communication platform for their customers,” said Jeff Brown, Founder & CEO at Market Luminary.  “From my very first meeting with their visionary founder, George Johnson, I was convinced that Envision Planet could benefit from our software’s ability to provide a fun and familiar platform for kids while also providing a robust and flexible mentoring environment for George and his team.”

Envision Planet leverages the Market Luminary Custom Private Community platform, providing for private branding and extensive functionality customization. Market Luminary also offers template-based configurable communities, and “public” communities for complex B2B industry verticals such as the Property & Casualty Insurance Industry community at pc.marketluminary.com.

About Envision Planet, LLC

Envision Planet exists for one reason and one reason only: to help youth and young adults see and realize a future full of opportunity. Envision Planet is the first and only unique collaborative community designed to help mentoring organizations and their member mentors guide, advise, support and encourage high school students and other youth and young adults to envision, plan for, and achieve a more promising future. Learn more at www.envisionplanet.com

About Market Luminary, LLC

Market Luminary provides an innovative cloud-based platform for business communities. Every business, big or small, is impacted by "social factors" that influence customers, employees, prospects and competition. Some businesses are savvy enough to recognize those social influences, and a select few proactively manage and leverage them. At Market Luminary we give you a variety of opportunities to actively, purposefully, and effectively manage your business success by managing your social-business influencers. Join an existing business community and promote your business; launch a business community for your customers, employees, or members; or build a new business on our platform. There is no software to buy, and nothing to install. Just embrace our platform and turn your business into a social-business experience. Learn more at www.marketluminary.com