What We Do

We Build Business Communities

Everything we do boils down to this simple fact: at Market Luminary, we build business communities, and we make it easy for you to use our platform to launch your own community.

You've got options. If you have "big plans" we can customize a private community for you that suits your unique business needs. Or if you are on a tight budget and short time-frame, you can use one of our "templates" and quickly launch a community. Not ready to make that leap yet? That's OK - check out some of our existing "public communities" and consider promoting your business there.

You've got options, and we've got solutions for you.


All Business is Social

Every business, big or small, is impacted by "social factors" that influence customers, employees, prospects and competition. Some businesses are savvy enough to recognize those social influences, and a select few proactively manage and leverage them. At Market Luminary we give you a variety of opportunities to actively, purposefully, and effectively manage your business success by managing your social-business influencers. Join an existing business community and promote your business; launch a business community for your customers, employees, or members; or build a new business on our platform. No software to buy. Nothing to install. Just embrace our platform and turn your business into a social-business experience.

List of Services

Use our cloud-based platform to launch your own community. Choose one of our template-based communities that allow you to quickly and easily build your community. Or work with us to produce a completely customized community experience. Either way, Market Luminary will have you up and running quickly and cost-effectively. Get started today!
New business opportunities abound for entrepreneurs willing to think differently about building a sustainable business for the future. At Market Luminary your current business plan can be enhanced by delivering on a business community platform. Our “private label” offering requires No software to buy and No technology to build. Interested?
We have existing communities available for lease or purchase. That's right - communities that have already been constructed, have active membership, and are generating revenue! Do you think you have what it takes to run and grow one of our communities? Inquire about existing communities today. We may have an opportunity that’s right for you...
Check out the existing communities running on our platform. Join one today and begin to experience the Market Luminary difference. Build business relationships. Research and learn. Conduct business in a way that enables knowledgeable buyers to engage with product and service providers who don’t run from their customer feedback.

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